Studio A is one of the original two studios built at Ardent’s Madison Avenue location. The room is the largest recording space at Ardent, measuring 25ft by 40ft. With three isolation booths and a classic Neve VR60-60x48 console (featuring Flying Faders Automation), Studio A has served some of Ardent’s most famed clientele – stars like Wilco, Jack White, Third Eye Blind and Memphis' own Big Star.  Studio A is suitable for large ensembles and big groups of artists because of the roomy studio floor. 

Tom Dowd, legendary engineer and producer, collaborated with John Fry in modifying Studio A to suit his preferences on the recording floor, a transformation that perfected Studio A’s sound and facilitated the production of innumerable renowned recordings.


  • ProTools 10 HD3 Accell system running on a Mac Pro with dual 2.4 GHz processors, 6 GB of RAM and a 26″ HD display

  • 1 – Sync I/O

  • 4 x 192 I/O with 1 Digital to Analog expansion card

  • Analog Recorder: Studer 827 16 Track (24 track head assembly available by advance reservation)

  • 2 X DBX 165

  • Lucas Limiting Amplifier

  • AMS RMX16 Digital Reverberation System

  • 2 X Yamaha Rev 5

  • Cue System: Hear Back Personal Monitor System by Hear Technologies, Inc. Allows up to 8 individual mixes of up to 8 channels.

  • 2 X DBX 263 X De-Esser

  • Quantec Room Simulator

  • Yamaha SPX 90 II

  • Roland SDE 1000