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New Release: Cait Brennan on Omnivore Recordings

Big congrats to Phoenix artist Cait Brennan on her upcoming release on Omnivore Recordings.

Studio A: Jody Stephens, Fernando Perdomo, Adam Hill, and Cait Brennan

The album was tracked in Studio A with engineer Adam Hill. Cait's musical partner in crime Fernando Perdomo co-produced the record with Cait and played many instruments - including Chris Bell's cherry red Gibson ES-330. Also featured are Van Duren and Robert Mache.

Cait Brennan with Chris Bell's guitar

Fernando Perdomo and Van Duren

In the studio... Sons of Mudboy

(Front row) Luther Dickinson, Mary Lindsay Dickinson, Carol Baker, Jimmy Crosthwait, Cody Dickinson (Middle row) Adam Hill, Paul Taylor, Steve Selvidge (Back Row) Ben Baker, Luke White

All photos ©Andrew McNeill

In the studio... Amy Black

Studio B | Amy Black ©AddisonHare

Studio B | Studer Tape Machine ©AddisonHare

Last week Americana soul singer-songwriter Amy Black brought her new album to Studio B to be mixed by Adam Hill and Grammy nominated Scott Bomar. The album titled "Memphis" was tracked at Scott's Electraphonic Recording Studio and features a host of legendary Memphis session players, with Scott engineering and producing. Amy brought the project over to Ardent to be mixed by Adam Hill using our 8 Track Studer Tape Machine.

Memphis will be released June 2nd.

Studio B | Amy Black, Scott Bomar, Adam Hill ©Addison Hare

Studio B | Adam Hill ©AddisonHare

Studio B | Adam Hill ©AddisonHare

Studio B | Amy Black ©AddisonHare

In the studio... Low Cut Connie

Low Cut Connie - Larry Sconton, Adam Weiner, Lucas Rinz, James Everhart, and Will Donnelly. © George Murphy

Low Cut Connie is back in Studio C finishing up the mix on their next album! Adam Hill has been working on engineering the next LCC record with frontman Adam Weiner and producer Dave Chale. For this leg of mixing, supreme vocalists Reba Russell and Vicki Loveland stopped by to add background vocals to a track.

LCC spent time last Summer tracking the album in Studio C. Take a look at those session photos below. The new album from LCC will be released in May. Look for their first single in February!

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Studio C | Will Donnelley, Adam Weiner, Adam Hill (engineer), Dave Chale (producer)

Studio C | Adam Weiner, Reba Russell, Vicki Loveland, Adam Hill, Dave Chale, and Will Donnelly

Studio C | Adam Weiner, Reba Russell, Vicki Loveland, Adam Hill, Dave Chale, and Will Donnelly

© George Murphy

© George Murphy

© George Murphy

© George Murphy

© George Murphy

© George Murphy

In the studio... Freeworld

Studio C | Freeworld with engineer Adam Hill

Studio C | Richard Cushing ©DannyDay

Studio C | Richard Cushing, Chris Stephenson ©DannyDay

Studio C | Chris Stephenson, Andy Tate ©DannyDay

Studio C | Peter Climie ©DannyDay

Studio C | Andy Tate ©DannyDay

Studio C | Greg Lundy ©DannyDay

Studio C | ©DannyDay

Studio C | Jody Stephens guest drumming on a track ©DannyDay

In the studio... Zeshan Bagewadi

Studio C | Zeshan Bagewadi ©AntarHanif

The album is a wide array of tempestuous soul arias, sentimental ballads, urban love dramas, Memphis blues, upbeat existentialism and last but certainly not least, a civil rights anthem.
— -

Starting at the beginning of this year and continuing every few months, Chicago native Zeshan Bagewadi traveled down to Ardent to track and mix his latest project. Having grown up being exposed to Indo-Pakistani and Stax-era soul music, Zeshan's musical background is excellently reflected in this new album. Zeshan called upon Stax Records legend Lester Snell to produce and assemble the players, Memphis' own wrecking crew.

The album will be released on Chicago label Minty Fresh in April 2017. Stay tuned for updates!

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Studio C | Lester Snell and Zeshan ©AntarHanif

Studio C | Adam Hill, Kirk Smothers, Kameron Whalum, Scott Thompson ©AntarHanif

Studio C | Zeshan ©AntarHanif

Studio C | Zeshan with Spencer Wiggins

Studio C | Lester Snell, Zeshan, Kameron Whalum, Kirk Smothers ©AntarHanif

Studio C | Zeshan

In the studio... Deer Tick

Studio C | Deer Tick with photographer Laura Partain

Alt rockers DEER TICK camped out in Studio A for a week in August to start tracking on their next album. They'll be returning again later this month and move to Studio C. Engineering the session is Adam Hill with Adam Landry producing. Adam Hill will also be mixing once all tracking is complete.

Stay tuned!

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Studio A | Deer Tick

Studio A | Ian O'Neil

Studio A | Ian O'Neil and Zeke Hutchins (manager)

Studio A | John McCauley (seated) with Ian O'Neil