This room was added to our building in late 2012. Designed to be a more affordable alternative to our full production studios, the Audio Production Suite is smaller and features a control room with one isolation booth directly connected for overdubs. 

APS features a Mac Pro running ProTools 10, a Lynx Aurora 16 Audio Interface, and two VP25 mic pres from Classic Audio Products of Illinois. A Yamaha Rev-5  rounds out the processing chain. 

The production suite also features a custom vintage Spectrasonics (yes, that Spectrasonics) 16 channel mixer and 2 Hafler Pro 5000 power amps. Monitoring is provided by a pair of Yamaha NS-10 nearfields or the Quested VH-3208 big speakers, alongside a powered subwoofer.


  • Mac Pro running ProTools 10
  • Lynx Aurora 16 Interface
  • 2X Classic Audio Products of Illinois VP25 Mic Pres
  • Yamaha Rev 5
  • Custom Vintage Spectrasonics 16 Channel Mixer
  • 2 - Hafler Pro 5000 Power Amps
  • Yamaha NS-10 Near Field Monitors
  • Prosonus Central Station (for monitoring)
  • Quested VH-3208 Far Field Monitor